Download the Premiere Rush app for iPhone in 2021

Download the Premiere Rush app for iPhone in 2021

Download the Premiere Rush app for iPhone

Welcome to my blog. In this lesson, I will present to you a great application for editing my videos for the PUBG Mobile game,You can download this application from the link below this article

The application is Premiere Rush, an application for my iPhone, and it has an area of ​​8 GB through which you can adjust the size of the video that you have recorded in the game of PUBG.Because the application provides the option to adjust the size of the video, this feature may not be available in most applications ،

You can also, through the Premiere Rush application, produce a video without a watermark and with a quality of up to 1080. The application is free and you do not need to buy it so water is waiting to download the application and start working on it. Here are some advantages

Application features:

  • Without watermark
  • Text can be added over the video
  • Supports layer video
  • Music can be added to the video
  • An audio clip can be recorded using my microphone app
  • You can save the video to return to production at a later time
  • You can create a video for your channel
  • You can adjust the color of the video without filters
  • You can add more than one image to your video

There are also a lot of versions of Premiere Rush to work with windows And also on windows 10, The application has the same specifications that you find in the mobile version of the iPhone, so you can choose yourself.

How is the video size smaller in the PUBG Mobile game:

Initially, you enter the Premiere Rush application and then give it access to all your phone files and then click on the video selection iconThen, you choose the video that you want to change its size and click on more options and remove the good sign from the box, and you will notice that you can adjust the size of the video.And if you want to make the video compatible from YouTube, you reduce the number to 75, and if you want the video to remain the same, keep it on the number 100, then press Done and press the last option and put the appropriate options for you.In order to prepare the video, then press Start and wait until the video is ready

A video that explains the method in action:

And to here, we have reached the end of today's explanation. I hope that he has won your admiration and you continue to preserve the mercy.

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